Come with us on a journey through the history of our wonderfully mad fantasy land.

Newman Entertainment are the masterminds of comedy cabaret restaurants in Australia. From humble beginnings in Melbourne in the mid 60s to today, they are constantly evolving and finding new ways to entertain audiences across the country, and now Singapore. If you haven't been to a Newman Entertainment venue, you haven't lived!



1964 Tikki & John's

It all began in 1964 when Tikki and John Newman decided to open a late night coffee house on Exhibition Street in Melbourne, to catch the crowds as they left the theatres. From humble beginnings, this pint sized venue evolved into Tikki & John’s Music Hall which featured a fully produced show and restaurant, and soon boasted a waiting list of twelve months. Tikki & John’s became a Melbourne institution and set the standard in dinner theatre. This was Australia’s first Theatre Restaurant.


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