Polite conversation, sophisticated society, and serious political discussions. You won’t find any of these here. But if you want a comedy show where you laugh until your head falls off (potentially literally) as you’re wowed by a crazy live cabaret club show with singing, dancing, burlesque, magic, juggling, and aerial performances, then step inside our maniacal lair for the ride of your life. After all, you're not dead... yet.


Dracula's is an MA15+ Cabaret featuring adult themes, partial nudity and coarse language. Parental discretion is advised.

"A throbbing cocktail of hard rock, grotesque comedy and burlesque."

Herald Sun

Gold Coast

Photo Studio


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Valentine's Day at Dracula's

Valentine's Day at Dracula's

Ditch the candlelit cliches and unleash your inner desires at Dracula's this Valentine’s Day.

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